Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food: Operation Kimbap!!

In anticipation of a camping trip with hungry people, I decided to make a trial batch of kimbap. Turns out C-mart 2 in Chinatown does not completely suck, because it had all of the ingredients I was looking for for under $20!!

30 minutes of rinsing, slicing, snacking, measuring, waiting, frying...and voila! I used imitation crab meat, korean pickled radish, scrambled egg and cucumber for the fillings.

99 cent bamboo rolling mat at C-mart 2 FTW! Rice was mixed with sesame oil, olive oil, and salt. I was gonna add sesame seeds but they seem to have hid themselves away...jerks.

Final product! I managed to make a good 4-5 rolls. These were the rolls that survived my extensive "taste testing" :)

All in all, this is a pretty easy snack to make, and quite filling too with the rice and such. I think it'll make a great road snack and I hope they like it!! Tomorrow mission: Cake pops!


LINDA said...

Wow super yummy!♥

Linda from

Claire said...

That looks so Yummy! ^~^ Hiii~! I found your blog because I saw your YouTube review on the L'egere White Multi BB Cream (I feel kinda sad that I'm watching it now even though you posted it 3 years ago)! I just purchased it on Ebay (literally just then) Haha, I hope it works well for me like it did for you :D

hanako said...

Woops I sent that comment from my personal account >~< This is my blogging account :)

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